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Preparing for Your Business Portrait

Prepare for our business portrait as though you were making a presentation to your most important client

Morning Appointment: You look your best at the start of the day, so schedule a morning appointment if possible.

Your Appearance: Dress as though you are making a presentation to your most important prospective client. For photography, wear a jacket of solid color in a medium or darker shade. Lighter colors and patterned clothing may be your favorite, but these are distracting in a photograph. Unusual or extreme styles are also distracting and make your portrait go out of date sooner. Classic styles are best. A dressing room is available if you'd like to change at the studio. Coordinate your barber or hairdresser appointment before your portrait session, and remember fresh haircuts may need up to two weeks to grow out.

Special Men's Tips: Be sure to wear a freshly pressed, good-fitting shirt. Pay extra attention to your collar, making sure it is wrinkle-free. If you are wearing a tie, choose a conservative pattern. Five o'clock shadows will show, so if you must schedule an afternoon appointment, we recommend a fresh
shave beforehand.

Special Women's Tips: Be sure your blouse and jacket are freshly pressed. Be conservative in your choice of jewelry. For example, a string of pearls or modest necklace with matching earrings is effective. Proper make-up can enhance your portrait. As a rule you can wear a bit more make-up than usual.

Retouching: We remove blemishes and soften harsh lines as a normal part of our portrait service. Retouching will not change
your hairstyle.

Glasses: If you usually wear glasses, it is probably best to wear them for your portrait. Often we can avoid or remove glare in your glasses; however, if you have thick or large lenses, it is best to have the lenses removed for the portrait. Binyon Optometry removes and replaces lenses free of charge for us, or they will lend you a pair of empty frames for your session. Please advise us if you need this service.

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