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Creating a Pet Portrait

Step #1. Choices Ė Our Complimentary Consultation
The more we plan your portrait in advance, the more successful your finished portrait will be, and considering the choices is part of the fun. A consultation before your portrait session will help you consider the available range of portrait possibilities and help us understand your preferences and concerns.

Step #2. The Sitting
Itís fun! Weíll work with you and your pet to offer you a good variety of poses and expressions. Allow an hour for the session even though the actual time needed may be less.

Step #3. The Viewing
Your pet portrait choices will be ready to view in the studio as soon as an hour after your session, or at a later time convenient to you. You will be able to see the range of expressions and poses we created. You can even see how your favorite poses look in different wall portrait sizes.

Step #4. Printing and Finishing
We take great care in printing to bring out the most natural and pleasing colors and tones in your portrait.

Getting All Your Pictures on Disk: We create so many great choices in a portrait sitting that itís often hard to choose! With our PicturesĖOn-Disk option, you donít have to. You can take home ALL the portraits we show you. These donít include all the retouching that goes into our finished portraits, but this is a great way to keep and enjoy all the variety of expressions and poses you love.

Step #5. Mounting on Canvas or Artboard
Mounting your pet portrait on canvas, stretched on a stretcher-frame like an oil painting, is a classic portrait presentation. We use European canvas for fineness of weave. We also offer mounting on artboard, for a smoother finish. Either way, your portrait will be finished with several layers of lacquer that give a lustrous look and protect your portrait.

Step #6. Picking up Your Finished Portraits, and Framing
This is the nicest step of all. You will be delighted with your finished portraits. We guarantee it. For your wall portraits, we can also help you select the perfect frame for display in your home.

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