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Beyond my 40 years of full-time experience with Brant Photographers I am very passionate about helping children with disabilities both in my own area and in the country of Nepal. I’ve been deeply involved in my own community with 35 years of involvement in Bellevue Rotary Club. I'm past president and have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to lead a multi-year Rotary effort to build an accessible, inclusive playground in the Downtown Bellevue Park (inaugurated in 2017).

In 2006 my wife Gina and I formed The Rose International Fund for Children (www.TRIFC.org), with a mission to lift-up Nepalese people living with disabilities and those who are disadvantaged so they can achieve their full potential. I’ve traveled to Nepal 29 times over 23 years and treasure the country, my friends and Nepali kids and family we have supported and engaged with over the years. Want to know more about how I chose Nepal and the amazing projects and programs I’ve been fortunate to be involved with? Just ask me!



We are a family business dedicated to serving businesses in the Puget Sound area with the finest portraiture and warm, personal service, since 1949.

Bill Brant, the original studio owner hired my father, Ken Rose as a photographer in the early 1960’s. Bill subsequently sold the studio to my mom (Arlene) and dad (Ken) in 1971 and that’s when I got involved, helping them in the studio from the age of 14.

My name is Robert (Rob) Rose and I became studio owner in 1985. I literally learned the business from the ground up, beginning with folding price lists and sweeping the floors. While I was in high school I assisted with some of the studio darkroom work, and by the time I was eighteen I was creating portraits. Growing up with Brant Photographers and learning from my mom and dad has given me a unique perspective on both the photographic and business aspects of running a portrait studio. Providing my clients with a superlative portrait experience from beginning to end is my mission. I find it exceptionally rewarding to help my clients present their ‘best’ side to potential clients!


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