Copy and Restore Your Family Heirlooms

Bring Your Family’s History Back to Life!


Photographs of people and places from the past can be important touchstones of your family’s history. By having new images of your originals created now, you can do your part to preserve these fading memories and help future generations imagine what life was like for their ancestors. Past homes and farms, clothing and hair styles, horse & buggies and so many other remembrances help us to keep our family memories alive.

At Brant Photographers we understand how important your treasured, family photographs are to you, and we treat them with the utmost care. We copy them on our premises, so your original prints never leave our studio.

Even if your originals are torn, cracked, faded or stained, our artists can restore the damaged areas on the new prints we make for you. We can also provide a sepia tone for your new photographs to give them a warm, vintage look. Color restoration and many other improvements and enhancements are possible.

To find out just how beautiful your family heirloom photographs can be when they are restored, please call us at (425) 985-3176 or email us at info@brantphotographers.com to schedule a consultation.


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