How The Process Works

Complimentary Consultation

We recommend that you set up a time with us to chat prior to your appointment so we can provide suggestions on clothing styles and colors that photograph well, make-up, hair, jewelry, etc. Or, perhaps you have some special concerns or ideas you’d like to talk. This is time well-spent and is a value-added service I’m happy to provide.

Complimentary Consultation

On Location Portraits

The time needed for on-location portraits either in your office, local park or other location varies depending on when, where and who will be in the portrait. We will need to discuss these details to determine the time required and cost for the job. Please give us a call at (425) 985-3176 or send us an email for a consultation and cost quote to info@brantphotographers.com.


Tips for Clothing, Make-up and Hair

We always recommend to our business clients that they dress and prepare as if they’re going to meet their most important client. How do you want to be perceived by that client? Should you dress formally, informally or business-casual? These are questions only you can fully answer. That being said, here are some general do’s and don’ts that my clients have found helpful:

- Solid colors photograph better than patterns and stripes.

- Medium to darker colors and tones are generally thinning and focus the portrait’s attention on you and not your clothing. The same rationale applies to solid colors in relation to patterns and stripes.

- Wearing clothing that fits you perfectly results in a much more polished look.

- If you wear make-up you can generally apply a little more than usual as the camera doesn’t quite capture everything you have applied.

- Accent jewelry can enhance the look of portraits.

- Coordinate hair appointments accordingly. Some hair-styles only look great immediately after your trip to the salon while others take time to grow out.

- If you’d like to bring in several clothing options, I’m happy to help you choose the best one for your portrait.

Image Selection

Together we'll sit down and review the selections we’ve taken and choose one or more images to retouch and finish. The one word to describe this process would be - collaborative. Together we compare one image vs. another, choosing the best of the two images on the screen, then taking that ‘winner’ to compare against the next ‘contender’! We take our time narrowing down the choices, considering pose, expression and impact until we reach some final decisions. This is one of the most important elements of the services I provide for my clients - being able to describe to you in an objective way: what does a particular image ‘say’ to potential clients? How does it connect you to your clients? Does it look real and genuine? Is it approachable yet still professional? My expertise on this aspect of portraiture has been developed over 40 years of helping my clients choose the photograph that best portrays them to their potential clients.


Background Selection

For Essential Headshots: A zoom meeting will be set up to compare different digital background options.  A white background is used initially for the shoot, then you have your choice of a dozen professional backgrounds.  Together, we’ll compare and contrast one against another to narrow down to your favorite one! One background is included in the basic headshot fee.

Background Selection for Professional Headshots


In my experience, retouching is THE most important consideration for my clients! What exactly is retouching? It can mean different things to different people. To me, it’s not changing a person’s character but softening smile-lines, removing blemishes, stray hairs, lightening teeth and other enhancements. I want to keep your finished portrait looking genuine and real. My goal is that no one but you will ever know that retouching has been applied to your portrait. We will discuss retouching concerns during the image selection process but sometimes we will discuss these concerns during the consultation process prior to the portrait appointment.


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